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The Post-doctoral, Xiaoxiang Han, Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China
Source : Administrator   Time : 2018-08-21

       Xiaoxiang Han's project is about the research and application of integrated mid-infrared mode-locking optical devices. The subsidized amount is 270 thousand, and the main participants included two post-doctoral, one PhD and four master students.

       All-fiber structure, ultra-short pulse and high output power are the main trends of mid-infrared fiber lasers. High-quality passive fiber devices are the key parts to realize mid-infrared all-fiber lasers. Based on Xiaoxiang Han's research in ultrathin film saturable absorber (SA), integrated fiber device and fiber laser, a new type of two-dimensional material is used as SA in the mid-infrared wavelength, and develop the mid-infrared mode-locked fiber device with four components: coupler, wavelength division multiplexer (WDM), SA and gain fiber. By mixing a variety of two-dimensional materials, the mid-infrared ultrathin SA film with complementary advantages and adjustable parameters is prepared to solve the key problem of the former ultrathin SA film (namely poor environmental stability). Based on generalized nonlinear Schrodinger equation (NLSE), the mathematical model of mid-infrared all-fiber laser is established. The integrated device has the advantages of compact structure and easy mode matching. It can realize mid-infrared all-fiber laser and output high-quality mid-infrared pulse. This project will provide device-level support for mid-infrared all-fiber lasers, and realize mid-infrared all-fiber laser with compact structure and high environmental stability, which has high application value and commercial value.