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Activity of the research group -- a visit to Xixi Wetland in hangzhou

Source : Administrator   Time :2018-07-21

       On July 21, the research group organized a trip. The members of the school came to xixi wetland in hangzhou and visited xixi wetland scenery. Xixi national wetland park is a national wetland park integrating urban wetland, agricultural wetland and cultural wetland, and is a national AAAAA tourist attraction.

       Everyone gather at the entrance of zhoujia village, tianmu road, xixi wetland at 9 am. After entering xixi wetland, we now determined the morning walking route from the entrance of zhoujia village to shentankou. On the way, we watched the scenic spots such as puhui, fudi, yanshui fishing village, meizhu villa, gaozhuang, hezhu street, and shentankou. At noon, we took a rest and had a meal in the nearby slow life block. In the afternoon, we took a boat tour around shentankou and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of xixi wetland from the water. After the boat ride, we decided to start from shentankou and go through the green dike to reach the exit of wensan west road. In the green dike, we saw the famous underwater ecological observation gallery and flower garden. After arriving at the exit, we finished the journey of xixi wetland today.

       The weather was relatively hot and it rained intermittently during the day. The day's visit to xixi wetland was quite tiring, but the visit was enjoyable and everyone was joking. Through this event, the atmosphere of family became more harmonious.