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[Published Article] Xiankun Yao-Photonics Research

Source : Administrator   Time : 2018-08-20

       Recently, a study on spatial solitons in fractional Schrodinger equation was published in the optical Journal of Photonics Research.[pdf]

       This paper investigates the properties of spatial solitons in the fractional Schrödinger equation (FSE) with parity-time (PT)-symmetric lattice potential supported by the focusing of Kerr nonlinearity. Both one- and two-dimensional solitons can stably propagate in PT-symmetric lattices under noise perturbations. The domains of stability for both one- and two-dimensional solitons strongly depend on the gain/loss strength of the lattice. In the spatial domain, the solitons are rigidly modulated by the lattice potential for the weak diffraction in FSE systems. In the inverse space, due to the periodicity of lattices, the spectra of solitons experience sharp peaks when the values of wavenumbers are even. The transverse power flows induced by the imaginary part of the lattice are also investigated, which can preserve the internal energy balances within the solitons.

       The first author of this thesis is Dr. Xiankun Yao. Prof. Xueming Liu is the corresponding author.